Talking AI Alibaba Cloud – Connecting to digital China

At Talking AI with: Alibaba Cloud we will meet and exchange experiences on Artificial Intelligence with the Chinese Tech giant Alibaba.

”Talking AI with” is a concept where insights on AI activities of the leading tech companies are shared with startups as well as with more established companies, to support opportunities for accelerated AI investments. The event brings knowledge on the latest AI initiatives of the World and a deeper general insight into Artificial Intelligence as a knowledge field.

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud is one of the leading companies in the field of artificial intelligence. At the event, they will share their experiences on artificial intelligence, and they will also describe how they actively support and facilitate international startups in scaling up their business.

Mr Yang Sun, Director, Business Development of Alibaba Cloud Europe
Mr Xuan Jin, Lead Solutions Architect, Alibaba Cloud International


AI in China and AI innovations by Alibaba Cloud
What and how can Alibaba Cloud help Swedish innovation community
Panel discussion: How will AI Transform the Future of Business

Invitation only

The Talking AI with: event is a joint venture between AI.Hub and IT&Telekomföretagen, organized in the form of casual meetings where leading tech companies present their AI activities.



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