Breakfast seminar: Integrating ICT skills into Sweden – the Indian perspective

Welcome to a breakfast seminar that will provide guidance for international representatives in Sweden on the pros and cons on integrating international skills into Sweden.


Introduction: Traps and springboards to integrate international skills in Sweden
Fredrik von Essen, Public Affairs Expert at IT&Telekomföretagen, and Patrik Joyce, Chief Economist, Almega

Three cases on integrating international skills, with an Indian perspective:

  • The Swedish establishment case – learnings from an Indian ICT company: Avinash Limaye, Country Head Sweden, Tata Consultancy Services
  • Opportunities and challenges bringing Indian talent to Sweden: Ricky Dhillon, CEO Otivr
  • The perspective of a Swedish company recruiting internationally: Anna Cardeberg, Director Human Resources EMEA & Vietnam, Episerver

How the Swedish Migration Agency works on promoting international skills integration
Cecilia Borin, Manager of the Digitalisation and Development Department, Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket)

Panel discussion (moderator: Fredrik von Essen):
Rikard Larsson, the Social Democratic Party, Vice Chair of the Swedish Parliament’s Social Insurance Committee
Maria Malmer Stenegard, Responsible for Migration issues, the Moderate Party
Carl-Johan Hamilton, CEO Ants
Anne-Marie Fransson, General Director, IT&Telekomföretagen

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