AI Summit 2018 – How AI will benefit humanity and society

We face new global challenges. Together we can share a vision of a sustainable and environmentally friendly world where new modern technology is the solution to these challenges, benefiting people, societies and the future generations. China and Sweden are nations at the forefront of technological development.

Welcome to be part of the discussion and the solution!

Getting insight to become successful in AI. How do we build a sustainable world where technology works with us and not against us?

On November 19, Stockholm will host this year’s AI Summit. Key people from industries, institutions and politics will meet and give their views on artificial intelligence. You are welcome to an update on what´s being done, what should be done and what the new technology will mean.

Artificial Intelligence is a technique that will change the world. As with all new technological transformations, such as the art of printing, electricity and the Internet, it’s hard to overlook the changes that AI will mean in the long term.

Artificial intelligence means new opportunities. Better and more efficient healthcare, school and community service. A new generation of more effective and better products. A technology that will be of great benefit to the world.

But artificial intelligence will also mean an overwhelming change for both working life and society. The communities and companies that will not adapt to this new
technology will have a big risk of falling behind. At worst, it may mean that the companies that won’t adapt to artificial intelligence will disappear.

Agenda and speakers

Welcome: 09.00 – 09:15
Michael Collaros, Ying Cheng, founders AI.Hub, and Anna-Karin Hatt, CEO Almega

AI + SDG = ❤: 09:15-09:45
Darja Isaksson, Director-general at Vinnova

China and AI: 09:45-10.15
Mr. GUI Congyou, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Sweden

Coffee: 10:15-10:45

AI policy and EU: 10.45-11.15
Fredrik Heintz, Associate Professor at Linköping University, Patrik Löwenthal, Avande

Government Initiatives in AI: 11:15-11:45
Alf Karlsson, State Secretary to Minister for Housing and Digital Development Peter Eriksson

Lunch 11:45-12.45

ÅF: Value of the Digital Twin Concept: 12:45-13:15
Martin Kwasniewski, Business Unit Manager West, ÅF

IBM: Artificial Intelligence – Our Forward Escape Plan? 13:15-13:45
Patrick Couch, Business Developer, AI & Cognitive Technologies

Coffee: 13:45-14:15

AliBaba: Big Data and AI at AliHealth 14:15-14.45
Dr Wang, Head of AI Lab, AliHealth of Alibaba Group

Ericsson: AI Innovation at Ericsson, a Global Perspective: 14:45-15.15
Elena Fersman, Research Director, Machine Intelligence and Automation

Future of Ai Education and Innovation in China: 15.15-15:45
Professor Fei Wu, Director of AI Institute at Zhejiang University, member of China
National Government’s Ai Strategy Group.

Coffee, Networking for all: 15:45


Ai.Hub is founded by the entrepreneurs Michael Collaros and Ying Cheng, both with a long background in the AI industry.
AI-hub is a collaboration between business actors in Sweden and China to strengthen the links between the Scandinavian and Chinese AI scenes.
AI hub gives you contacts and inputs you cannot get anywhere else. The hub offers collaborations with companies, leading universities and corporate/science parks in China and Sweden, primarily with a focus on AI. The goal is to develop a world class
cooperation in this area.
IT&Telekomföretagen (Swedish IT and Telecom Industries)
IT&Telekomföretagen is a member organization for companies of all sizes within the entire IT and telecom sector, that wish to join the largest industry network in Sweden in order to promote and further develop the IT market and conditions for IT enterprises. We represent about 1,200 member companies that between them have nearly 100 000 employees. IT&Telekokmföretagen is one of seven branch and employer associations that work together as Almega. Basic membership offers companies advice on sector issues and the opportunity to access collective agreements and employer support.
Teknikföretagen (The Association of Swedish Engineering Industries)
Teknikföretagen is an employers’ organisation, and a force for innovation. We are present throughout Sweden and assist 4,000 engineering companies in labour law and industry issues, enabling them to focus on developing world-class goods and services. Engineering companies shape the future – and we help them to succeed.



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